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  • It is our responsibility to save energy for future generations, and we are going to work hard and endeavour to exploit the potential of saving electricity by using semiconductor such as Light Emitting Diodes (LED) for applications such as traffic and other lighting requirements. Meanwhile, we will be taking advantage of combining semiconductor information and traditional illumination technology to produce the next generation of lighting.

    is a high-tech private enterprise, Professional in researching, developing ,and manufacturing all kinds of LED illuminations products. The company’s cofounder is the China electron science and technology university's photoelectric expert Doctor Tai and Doctor Kim. Our company is based on the business ideology of "leading with science & technology, high quality and efficiency, honesty and customer satisfaction". We endeavour to cooperate with customers worldwide to our mutual benefit

    The company is located in Bao'an district of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China, and occupied an area of 2000 sq.m, it has a capable team of more than 150 employees responsible for product research, development and production.

    Our products are specifically in LED Grow Lights , LED Plant Lights, LED Greenhouse Light, UFO LED Grow Lights, Aquarium Light . The products are widely applied to all kinds of road, traffic and industrial lighting projects all over China, and we currently export to more than 30 countries including Holand, Spain, America.
    Our goal is to supply you the most reliable and highest quality lighting products. All our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000 certified, and our products have attained CE, ROHS certificates.

    Our company employees skilled professionals who are experienced in finding innovative answers to today’s architectural designing needs. Our company boasts with highly advanced technology, good after sales service, and on-time delivery

    Welcome to OEM &ODM .

    grow light shell factory led grow light aging
    Grow Light Shell Production Grow Light Shell Production
    led grow light aging led grow light workshop
    LED Grow Light Aging LED Grow Light Workshop (DIP)
    led grow light workshop grow light powersupply
    LED Grow Light Packing LED Grow Light Power Supply Aging
    UFO led grow lights
    Grow Light Wave soldering

    Glue Injecting

    Wire Bonding .
    Thermal Shock led grow lights
    Thermal Shock:Test the reliability of the products in the shifts of lowest temperature to highest temperature, and vice versa.
    Light integrating spheres:Make the result more reliable when testing the lumen. It can lower or remove the measurement error caused by the shape of the light, beam angle, and the different response from different position of the detector.

    Grow Light Wave soldering

    led grow light temperature aging test

    Wave soldering Line: Wave soldering process and condition to assure the reliability of the products. High Temperature Aging Test:
    Test the reliability of the products in high temperature condition.
    led grow light aging grow lamp aging

    Led Grow Light Test

    LED Grow Lamp Aging

    Our Service < we strive for excellence and never give up >

    Step A
    1.Customers can dial our corporate client hotline:+86-0755-36821166 or +86-18098902696
    2.Get online help by login into
    3.By email:

    Step B
    Once we receive customer information, we will notify the relevant service manager who intend appoint an engineer to acess the client requirements

    It's our company's policy to provide excellent service at all times, and to keep up with constant development of the markets and attend to our customer's needs promptly

    We are responsible for product designing ,manufacturing,installing and debuggin.

    Delivery date:
    * for LED grow lights: 3-18 days.

    Technology support and aftersales service:
    * All products have passed aging test more than 48 hours before sales.We provide guarantee on our products in normal use.
    * We provides full technology service,including communicating and cooperating with designing company construction company for users.
    * Update service:
    We will keep our clients software on our products up to date at no extra charge

    * For Large project,we provide free 2-4 users's training for each customer.
    Quality Policy : 1、Characteristics Of Fine Quality

    a、Production management
    Our plant installed the most advanced automated production machineries, with well professionally trained staffs and stringent production procedures, we guarantee the finestquality LED lamps to our customers.
    b、Quality control
    Implementation of stringent quality control using ISO standard to each working station through production process. ICQ Flow Chart & IPQC Random check process
    c、Superior material

    To ensure the finest LED lamp to our customers, materials plays an important part, our materialhave completed the requirement of Chips: Prior to approval, life test of 1000hrs is completed, decaying in IV<5%.
    Epoxy: Material imported from Japan, with UV resistance formula.
    Silver Epoxy: High attach -ability under high temperature.
    Gold Wire: High stretching- ability under harsh environment.
    Lead Frame: Thickness of plating layer is guranteed by supplier, to enhance the performance of LED lamp.

    2、Reliability Test & Craft request

    Stipulated a well designed program to ensure the quality LED lamps from us .
    A、Operating Life test, Ir=30mA, 1000 hrs ;
    B、Hi-Temp storage, 100oC±5oC, 1000 hrs;
    C、Low-Temp storage, -50oC±5oC,1000 hrs;
    D、Hi-Temp, 85oC±5oC, High Humidity storage, 85%-90% , RH 1000 hrs;
    E、Temperature cycling, -40oC±5oC 30min, RT 5min,100oC±5oC 30 min,100 cycles;
    F、Thermal shock, -40oC±5oC5 min, 100oC±5oC, 5 min, 100 cycles;
    G、 Solder ability, 230 ±5°C, Dwell Time≦5sec;
    H、 Solder Resistance, 260 ±5°C, 10±1sec;
    I、Plug-in component:no wrong,no lost;
    J、the solder pad:no false,no lost;
    K、The shape:it's neat to have no inclination;
    L、The surface handles:Ultrasonic washes
    M、Debug & Aging --Display board:72 Hours,system:48 hours;
    N、The operators must take strict training before operating.

    Examination: QC process control:responsible for examination th material and controlling the quality of the semi-processed products.
    QA shipment insurance:responsible for examination of finished products and following-up of the quality after sale. The rate of quality control:>98%. The suppliers have to pass the authentication of ISO9000,and the qualified rate of products that are provided have to be up 95 percent.the percentage of goods offering before the contract due date is more than 90% and provide the valid inspection report. Environment Policy Green Environmental protection In order to adapt the globalization green environmental protection tendency,the company officially started the non-lead system regulation project in beginning of this year,has purchased the present newest non-lead welding apparatus,studies diligently the non-lead welding craft positively. It is human's responsibility to save energy for later generations.And we are going to work hard and try our best to exploit prtential of electricity saving of semicoductor (LED) appplications in traffic and light fields.Meanwhile,we will be takeing advantage of combining semicoductor,information and traditional illumination technology to realize the second revolution in the light field. Our company always adhere to the basic strategy of "protect environment and sustaining develop " to create "green enterprise " and manufacture " green products". All our activities, products and services are in accord with the relative regulations of environment.

    We promise :

    1. Continuous improvement of environment conception and activities to prevent accidents and pollution.
    2. Strengthen the recycling and utilization of remains and wastes to reduce castoff.
    3. Prohibit to use the material destroying ozonosphere, Take suitable measures to deal with feculence and poisonous offal during the production.
    4. Enhance environment consciousness and take active part in protecting environment acitivities , to be a green partner to our esteemed

    We will take the corresponding social responsibility without hesitation to protect our globe!
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